DWSI offers highly reliable industrial heat treating fumaces at home aboard. Cost, Quality, Environment, and Working condition are DWSI highest concern. Motivated by favorable comments from customer, domestic and abroad, we push ourselves futher into continuous researches in both hardwares and softwares to bring instant feedback onto the work floor, along with our 30 years experience in the feild.

major customers

  • YBI(Sriperumbudur)
  • Hyundai Motor India
  • NSK-ABC Bearings
  • Deltronix India
  • Musashi Autoparts India (Delhi)
  • Renault Nissan
  • Hyundai Wia
  • Borgwarner – Chennai
  • Gandhi special tubes
  • Nelcast Ltd
  • Texspin bearings
  • 그외 다수업체